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Transfer charges and exchange fees

complicated process to transfer money

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Freely transfer money all over the world via mobile.

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A new technology of unique interoperability in the world, Spread in IBM cloud.

Send money via mobile without any constraints


It’s also


Extremely practical, usable in all the cash dispenser

Your account is linked to a prepaid card which enables you to withdrawal money and do your shopping in complete peace of mind.

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Telephone credit

Competitive prices

Purchase airtime for you or for a third party no matter the network.

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To support you during your events

No matter the event, happy (anniversary, wedding, birthday, etc.) or no (funeral, health, etc.) create your jackpot with Sprint Pay Community application : easy and effective !

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100% safe and secured

We work according to the international standards regarding safety of payment applications.

Our state-of-the-art-technology protects your money and guarantees that it will be receive by the beneficiary.

We apply all the rules imposed by the banking regulators, and we work with many international banks and numerous service payment providers.

Our added value

Artificial intelligence (Chatbot)

Available 24/7

A technology which contributes to improve and optimize our  relationship with our clients.




Your transactions are instantaneous,protected and at a highly competitive price.


International scope

All over the world

Create and accede to your customer account via your mobile to manage all in few clicks.


Multi-platform applications

Progressive Web App

An intuitive web-browsing. Get assistance wherever you are.

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