Download the Sprint Pay Community application

You can create a jackpot for all type of events

A gift common


Solidarity project


A common expense

Create a jackpot

Now, manage all yours events simply and efficiently for you and your loved ones
Select the menu < Create a new jackpot > from the home in the application

Fill the information of the jackpot

Fill out the field of creation of jackpot and specify the amount you would like to collect and the period of contribution, without forgetting the details on the beneficiary.

Check yours information’s

Complete the creation of your jackpot by giving more details : project description, notification settings, alerts and visibility of contributions.
Your jackpot is ready for play and you can already receive the first contributions

To participate in a jackpot

From the details page, select < participate in this jackpot>

Define your contribution

Fill out the field of the participation form indicating the amount of your contribution, payment means to use and finally, the visibility of your contribution for other members of the community. Then click on check.

Check yours information’s

Check the information relating to your contribution and click on Proceed to check-out if all is OK.
After your contribution, the beneficiary will be instantly informed to your action.

Terms of service

Creation of a jackpot is instantaneous

Participations in a jackpot are immediately considering

A jackpot is scheduled for an event at a fixed date. After that date, it is no longer possible to participate in the jackpot. The creator of the jackpot can edit the fixed date.

The creation and the participation in a jackpot are free and does not give rise to any charges

The beneficiary of the jackpot can withdraw funds once or in instalments

3% of costs are perceived on the amount withdrawn