Sprint-Pay prepaid card is a Master card

Extremely practical, which bring you the same services as a bank card.

It allows to


Freely withdraw in all UBA cash dispenser


Withdraw money in all others cash dispensers, for a low cost applied by the bank operator


Pay without charges among merchants

Order your Sprint-Pay prepaid card

Click the tab < Order > of menu < prepaid card > of the application

Fill out the form

Fill in the field in the form of demand concerning your new Sprint Pay prepaid card and validate information by clicking on <Next>.

Check yours information’s

Check information filled to the previous stage. If all are right, click simply on Next to go into payment of charges related.
After your order, your new card will be delivery 2-4 days.

Refill your prepaid card

Click the tab < Refill > of menu < Prepaid Card > of the application

You can refill any Sprint-Pay prepaid card, from the application.

The refill of the card is make from your Sprint Pay account

The refill is immediately credited in the prepaid card

There is not have ceiling by refill. Is not too reached a ceiling the amount of the card.

The cost applied by the network operator is XAF 500 (€ 0,76) by refill, regardless of the amount

Price of your Sprint-Pay prepaid card

The cost of the card is
XAF 11 800 (€ 18)

The cost is debited in your Sprint-Pay account

There is no charges linked to the card

Your prepaid card is valid for 2 years